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We established VanHub after having spent in excess of 15 years building and growing other recreational vehicle businesses and it is was time to do it ourselves believing we can offer more to travellers, purchasers and industry.

After our many years, long hours and expectations we decided that it was time to spend more time practicing what we had been preaching for so long. Family time and exploring this amazing country of ours.

Our combined experience includes years managing RV centres, caravan design, workshops and parts. Both of us are registered HVRAS officers and Dan spending two years on the council for the Caravan Industry of Victoria.

Pre-purchase inspections save you time and money, minimising what could be costly repairs post purchase and providing peace of mind that you have made a sound, safe choice for your future travels. Inspections cover all aspects of the caravan you’re interested in and offers you peace of mind knowing what’s hidden inside those walls.

Insurers now have an external caravan specialist at their fingertips to assess damage accurately, promptly and cost effectively. So many times over the year’s insurers send assessors into business’ we have run to approve or assess claims that are over charged and or all quoted works not completed as quoted. The results of this equate to increased consumer premiums and unhappy clients.

Our goal is to build a one stop “hub” for caravan information, design, sales and assessment. Dan and I are very excited to bring you Iconic Caravans we have had involvement from early beginnings with our chosen manufacturer whom are well respected within the industry for honesty and passion, not big just a little more bespoke. We plan to keep our production level to a minimum which will help ensure build quality is exceptional as will be our service to you.

So if you’re in the market for a new caravan or require a caravan inspection or valuation we are here to assist and we will ensure your families journey is amazing.

Glen &Dan
VanHub Directors

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